About Tarradale Through Time

The TARRADALE THROUGH TIME project aimed to give the community an exceptional opportunity to see and understand an area of continuous occupation from the very first settlers through to the end of subsistence agriculture just before the modern farming landscape was created. On the NOSAS blog you can read a summary of previous archaeological work at Tarradale and an overview of the Tarradale Through Time project as of March 2018.

Go to Project Areas to learn more about the different sites that Tarradale Through Time has targeted and our progress to date.

The project has the potential to provide information of considerable local, regional and national importance which will inform the wider community of its beginnings and history. At all stages the project will operated within the parameters of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy and the research priorities of ScARF (Scottish Archaeological Research Framework).

The project’s aims were to:

  • Research and record the archaeological heritage of Tarradale and by analysing this data extend and upgrade the current level of archaeological and historical knowledge of the settlement history, subsistence practices and land utilisation of the area
  • Evaluate the degree of preservation and extent of the surviving archaeological deposits and features through archaeological methods including test pit excavation, trial trenches and open area excavation
  • Directly involve people in specific aspects of heritage discovery and interpretation and in acquiring new skills in survey, excavation and recording of archaeological and historical sites
  • Encourage people to discover heritage through knowledge transfer
  • Enable the community to engage with investigating and interpreting a multi-period archaeological and historical landscape and to enhance understanding of what archaeology can deliver
  • Encourage the community to become better informed on how to care for and protect this important heritage
  • Encourage schoolchildren and groups such as the Young Archaeologists Club to engage with the heritage of the area through personal discovery and understanding
  • Interpret the findings and bring the results and analysis to the local community and wider audiences through digital media (including a website, blog and Facebook page), open days, exhibitions, lectures, and workshops and talks for people unused to perceiving their heritage
  • Provide a permanent record of the project at different levels and thus accessible to a variety of audiences. 


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