Above: Leaf shaped flint arrowhead probably Neolithic 

Above: A selection of barbed and tanged, leaf shaped, butt ended and oblique flint arrowheads

Above: Three Bronze Age barbed and tanged flint arrowheads

Above: A disc scraper, an end scraper and two flakes, all made of flint

Above: Flint disc scraper and side scraper

Above and Below: Oblique flint arrowhead

Above: Fine quality quartz core showing flake scars

Above: Four differently lit views of the same flint disc scraper

Above: Disc scraper of flint

Above and Below: Notched scraper of flint

Above: Disc scraper and notched scraper both of flint

Above and Below: Scraper possibly of Arran pitchstone

Above: Flake from a polished Neolithic axe – probably from Creag na Caillich near Killin

Above: Part of a Neolithic stone axe and flake from a separate axe, both probably from Creag na Caillich near Killin

Above and Below: Part of a Neolithic stone axe showing a number of small depressions on the stone face

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